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Early this present day, Nexon officially announced the near-future layout of MapleStory 2 on its Dev blog drafted by MapleStory 2 producer, Jungsoo Lee. On this announcement, few issues were specified and categorized as "high priority items", including Dungeon Cup, Game Launch errors, Meso Seller, Fairfight etc. From what we've seen the atmosphere and resolute stance what Nexon held, MapleStory 2 Devs already comprised their minds to obliterate those obstacles of sabotaging its gameplay and users' experience, at the same time as cracking down upon rampant infractions and deceptions that committed by a list of gold-diggers, spammers, and bots. So it's very intimidating for all those "outlaws" to discover themselves slide into a forthcoming apocalyptic landscape of massively accounts suspension and pocket-golds confiscation, which had been generally thought to be "advantageous to MapleStory 2 Gold games' atmosphere", also indicate that hopes certain to fail all at once for people Mesos' buyers.

Nexon confronts the huge gold-selling spams rolling on in-game chats and reckless Meso-farming in MapleStory 2 which has a much more severe attitude - It doesn't surprise the majority of us at all. On the very first day of MapleStory 2 Global Release, it had been swiftly submerged and fallen in the hands of substantial well-prepared vendors and crooks who had strongly determined to produce a fortune inside game - Comparably speaking, same incidents already had happened a large number of MMORPGs before - Only these times, things completely spun away from control with the very beginning due to your deliberated plots and well-organized implementation. 

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