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yuandanzou Jan 12
We catch it on the tree and utilize Yoke of Suffering to get more damage and resists because it paths anyway. If you do not obey the loss that is survivability you may replace this.

The other especially important nodes on the PoE currency tree would be the Pierce nodes on the right side. Our construct doesn't have some inherent way so use Rigwalds Quills or grab those nodes.

We also use Resolute Technique that we could get round the simple fact that we don't scale crit, and turn it into an advantage. And catch a whole buttload of lifestyle nodes. At level 99 my build is now sitting until I started testing Red Dream out in 8835 life, which was slightly over 9000. In addition, we utilize Phase Acrobatics, a Basalt Flask, a Wise Oak, along with also another defensive flask of your choice.

Unless you are getting hit by Path of exile currency detonate lifeless on Abaxxoth's corpse (which incidentally happened to me , I am somewhat salty nonetheless ), not much will kill you. Get out there, blow stuff up, and revel in the brokenness of Elemental before it likely gets nerfed match that is following Hit!Path of Exile: Defensive Herald of Agony Build